Korean skincare routine has been quite popular around in the cosmetic industry. It is estimated that South Korean occupies 1/3 of the share of the world’s beauty industry. The popularity has far reached the west and major companies have collaborated with their eastern counterpart in developing products.

Korean beauty or K-beauty is very famous and we are going to share “10 step skin care korea” has been popular around the globe. Usually, the ten-step skincare routine has many elements such as oil cleanser, foam cleanser, toner, sunscreen, essence oil, serum, face sheet of masks etc.

Let’s look at the step used in Korean Skin Care



It is the first step towards Korean skincare. Cleansing is an integral part of since it helps in removing dust, excess oil and impurities from the skin. You can use an oil-based cleanser or a foam-based cleanser. The benefit of using an oil-based cleanser is that it helps in removing deep make from your face.


Exfoliate gives your skin a deeper cleaning. However, it is important to remember that you need don’t have exfoliated your skin every day as it will strip you of essential oils, which naturally occurs. In order to avoid that, you must restrict to twice or thrice a week. Exfoliating your face will remove dead cells and avoid skin disorders.


In order to have stubble and shiny skin, you need to regularly supplement your skin with deep moisturizers. When the skin is stripped off from moisturizers it can result in appearing dull and can cause wrinkles in some case. However, it is equally important to choose a moisturizer is made using natural products. You can use a light toner before applying a moisturizing product.


The serum can be compared to moisturizers; however, a serum provides a deeper condition. If you take the example of farming, serums are the secret ingredients that farmers use in order to harvest extra good corps.

Screen Lotion

If you go out regularly then you can one of the best ways to protect from the UV rays of the sun by applying sunscreen lotion that has a rating of more than 20+ SPF. This one of the important components of 10 step skin care korea. Screen lotion will make sure that your skin is well guarded and can avoid skin complications due to overexposure to UV rays.


In order to have perfect skin like Korean, you need to follow these steps. And in future, we will give you the full list of 10 step skin care korea.